Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby #3

Hello! Baby Bonner is due to arrive on September 12th! We are so excited!
I haven't had a kid born on their due date yet but I would love it if this one was-how special would that be to have all three kiddos born on the 12th? (Luke is August and Joel is January) Anyway, silly thing to hope for but fun!
The great debate about boy or girl is full raging! Most people are voting they think girl but the boys are hoping for another brother. They must like the one they have if they want another haha. Happily we won't have to wait too much longer to find out-April 17th is the big day we find out the sex of our third child and if we are having a brother or sister!
Let the names begin-we have had a lovely girl name go unused around here but our major successes in the boy name department are leaving us scratching our heads for a name on par with our Luke and Joel...suggestions welcome!
Come back and see how we are doing as I am feeling better and plan to update on here more frequently. Also, pray for Aaron and the boys-spring cleaning and nesting are coming together for a massive undertaking that has them eagerly awaiting the end months of pregnancy that they know will coincide with the hottest summer months (leaving me sitting somewhere in front of an air conditioner!). mwahaha