Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fried Squash Appetizer Recipe

Start with squash
slice them 
dip 'em in eggs
dredge them in your flour batter mixture
Fry 'em up!

cool slightly

stacks of three
top with fresh sliced tomato

top tomato and squash with provolone rounds
Place in preheated (350) oven until melty and slightly browning
serve (or eat them all)

Few pics from the Fourth of July Picnic

Joel took this picture.  Captured that special smile Popaw has for his grandson.

Luke pushing

Luke pushing again

Luke took this picture

Mike taking pics of the volleyball

that winning moment!

Volleyball champions

Joel took this picture

pretty sure Luke took this picture

Luke took a picture of the diligent meal preparers

Air conditioning...

Horseshoe champions


Luke took a picture of Lily

"the clipboard"


Joel pushing Luke

Friday, July 6, 2012

Adventures with Fireworks!

Rockets are AWESOME!

REALLY awesome
 waiting for twilight...
kids playing with Nickolai
Joel on the skateboard swing
Joel's first sparkler
Watch me

Luke on the skateboard swing
Luke's first sparkler

used rockets


Lily on the skateboard swing

Luke's launch
there it goes!


getting the hang of it
so cool
and fun

Heather's "H"
Heather is getting good!

Aaron-show off!