Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas List: Luke and Joel

Luke and Joel have verified this list! This is purely what they are super excited about! Mostly they are interested in the same items but they diverge quickly when it comes to football teams so be careful! ;)



They want the Castle toys and the Dinosaur toys! SEE HERE

DVDs, Toys, Books 

How To Train Your Dragon!

They want the extra DVDs SEE HERE, actually there are a few DVD's, they already have the Christmas one (The Gift of the Night Fury)- they want all the others.

And there are toys! books! pillows for goodness sake...pretty much anything with this stamped on it they would love.

DVD, Toys

They want the DVD SEE HERE, and the toys! They would like the toys too.



The TinTin books are a huge favorite here, the ones we don't have are listed on the Boys' Amazon Wish List HERE as well as a few other things they've asked for over time.

NFL Jersey
JOEL wants a Drew Brees Jersey!

He is a size 6/7.

NFL Jersey
LUKE wants a Matt Ryan Jersey!

He is a 10/12.