Saturday, October 24, 2015


Our first fun stop on our trip was Jamestown, Virginia. We went on replicas of 3 ships, visited a Powhatan village and explored Jamestown Fort. The pictures below are from the Fort!

Ring toss game


large fireplaces

tired soldiers


Joel holding a real sword

Luke holding a real sword

our kids can take pictures of us now!

musket demonstration

hanging out

Presidential tours

There was a lot of driving on this trip but we did it in spurts so until the last two days it really didn't feel heavy. 

Excellent car trippers!
Now the sad news...

we lost our camera in Washington, D.C. 

we replaced it immediately but that means that the pictures I have from before our second day in D.C. are all from my phone. ::sad face::

Day 2 had us drive from Jamestown to Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello
waiting for our tour to start at Monticello

we need a selfie stick...., just kidding
 After Monticello we drove to George Washington's home, Mount Vernon. Instead of the tour alongside what seemed like every high school student in a 100 mile radius we opted for the outdoor kids hunt.
X marks the spot! we completed the hunt and won a little prize from the gift shop!
 The driving around bit was fun with these fun kids! Sometimes it got a little crazy and sometimes we just had to let it get crazy!

swords from Jamestown
 We stayed at a hotel super close to Mount Vernon and ate dinner (and lunches) that we brought with us to help with cost and speed.
We were very prepared...but forgot utensils.... taco bowls anyone?
 Kate did great on the trip but her snuggle needs were a little increased...haha...

Arlington Cemetery

Our next day was spent in Washington, D.C. The morning at Arlington Cemetery 
Changing of the guard

Our afternoon was spent on the National Mall seeing just about ALL the monuments. It was amazing! HOWEVER, as mentioned...we then lost the camera and my phone had no pictures. ::sad face::

Washington, D.C.

Our second day in Washington, D.C. we had a new camera, we had figured out the street parking and we had only the morning if we wanted to get to Pottstown by dinner!

We hit the National Archives and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Red Baron and Snoopy

In the Simulator

Flying with the Red Baron
 A bit out of order, here is the National Archives sandwiched between the Air and Space Museum
Joel out front
 Dressed as Archivists!!

Life Preserving Coffin in doubtful cases of actual death....

Outside National Archives

In front

Walking to Smithsonian through a sculpture garden

"Quick! Get a picture!"
Air and Space Museum

Posing with the Wright brothers

Inside a space station

With the Spirit of St.  Louis

In line for the Red Baron simulator