Monday, November 21, 2011

We took the road less travelled by...

 The boys and I went adventuring with Aunt Em in the back property.  Here we are starting out
we got our sticks, we're ready!
 Still remnants of society around us-doing good, lets explore
Deer stand
 These are really wide trails, this is awesome! Lets follow them.
Boys leading the way
 Yeah, there are no pictures here because we were too busy trying to figure out where we were and where we were supposed to be going. These pictures would've included carrying the boys on our backs, sliding down mud hills and crossing creeks, climbing over massive trees, attempting to direct ourselves by the sun-at noon, and quoting Robert Frost.  Basically the fun part!

But then we came out of the woods! A clearing, a clearing! We'd been walking for hours, with children!
Wait a minute, where the heck are we?! Where is there a cotton field??

Just keep walking, it has to end somewhere....can  you even see a  tower?
or a telephone line?  Where ARE we??
 We called Aaron, figured out where we were and he came and picked us up, we'd been walking for miles!
Corolla in the cotton field

Wilderness Survivors
It was a great adventure! We had a ton of fun! And made a great memory.

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