Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My TOP TEN Most Devastating TV Deaths:

My TOP TEN Most Devastating TV Deaths:
1) Col. Henry Blake
had to be number one.  Riots in the streets if he wasn't number one on everybody's list.
"You behave yourself, or I'm gonna come back and kick your butt."
2) Caitlin Todd
so shocking-I literally gasped out loud, and I do everytime I rewatch that episode (but lets be honest, its hard to watch the whole episode knowing what is going to happen in those last minutes)

3) Dr. Mark Green
This was the first time I cried because of TV. I never hear "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" the same.

4) Denny Duquette
devastating. so sad. I know it was expected but still.

5) Hoban 'Wash' Washburne
I know its a movie, but it basically a TV show demanding the right to finish its story! I'll allow it! NOT WASH!
"I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar."
6) Mr. Erickson (aka Marshall's dad)
This is a powerful death scene because you don't actually see Mr. Erickson die or anything, you see Marshall  get the news and deal with the loss, "I'm not ready for this..."  Hits home because we never will be ready for our parents to die, will we? oh yeah, I cried.

7) Joyce Summers (aka Buffy's mom)
Another Joss Whedon death, another parent death.  Famous episode because there is no background sounds or music for the entire episode.  You feel, wrong.  And thats how Buffy feels, death all the time, but a natural death? Wrong.

8) Charlie Pace
Oh Charlie, we miss you.  And we miss when LOST made sense...
"Not Penny's boat."

*The final two were technically mini-series not TV series, but my list, my rules.*
9) Constance Flynn Hazard
I know Orrie died and we loved him more but his death was more dissatisfying than devastating...I really didn't think Bent would actually kill Constance, I thought George would get there in time. I was wrong.

10) Augustus 'Gus' McCrae
It just seemed like he was supposed to live forever.  Poor Woodrow.
"My God, Woodrow. It has been quite a party, ain't it?"

Honorable Mentions:

-My self-imposed rule was that I wouldn't mention multiple show characters, but if I could:
ER, John Carter's baby-I actually sobbed.

-Rory from DR. WHO, but who are we kidding? He dies, he comes back; he dies, he comes back-obviously not a Joss Whedon character but its okay, I love him.  Now if he dies and doesn't come back...that actually would probably shock me at this point.

-Famous mentions that I am instructed I am remiss not to mention:
Edith from ARCHIE'S PLACE and
James from GOOD TIMES.
I couldn't, in good conscience, add this to my personal list because I have never watch these shows.

-Patrick Jane's wife and daughter from THE MENTALIST, can't technically count them because they were dead when the show started and our response to their appalling deaths is in a flashback.

-Also, lets just go ahead and tag on the additional casts of
GREY'S ANATOMY (we're looking at you Henry Burton and Lexi) and
LOST (barely scratching the surface with Jack, Sun and Jin).

Sad topic but seriously nostalgic. Who would you have on your list? Who are surprised to see? To not see?

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