Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The American Revolutionary War Birthday Party

The "Guest book"
Sign the Declaration of Independence!
Here you could find Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock.

This was a big hit! and Luke plans to hang it on his bedroom wall.

General George Washington's Militia Training

We had 3 Redcoats and 1 Hessian soldier for the "soldiers" to use in their training.
Here you found their leader, Baron Von Stueben.
And if you looked carefully the spies, Benedict Arnold and James Armistead.

"Give me gluten free cupcakes or give me death!"
Patrick Henry at the cupcakes.

The snacks were "Marquis de Lafayette fries",
and  Popcorn to celebrate General Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown

At the drink tables you could find George Washington by the cold water (straight from the Delaware River),
and Samuel Adams beside the "Tax-Free Sweet Tea"

What a haul!

Pin the Tail on King George III

Luke opening his gifts

The Swedish Fish and Blue Sharks were a big hit! They marked Captain John Paul Jones.
On this table you could also find Benjamin Franklin, his press printed Luke's fact quiz! 

What a great party! so much fun!
Luke wearing his Tricorn hat!

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