Saturday, October 24, 2015

Camp Sancanap, PA

After the weekend at Matt and Rachel's house we stayed at Camp Sancanap for the rest our time in Pennsylvania
dinner at Josh and Stacy's

hanging out with Isaac and Sam

hanging out with Hannah and Noah

silly Kate

Kumpfs, Bonners and Kumpfs (and children!)

Kate on the suspension bridge with Roy and Larissa

Joel on cable bridge

The awesome treehouse

Hayride tour with Larissa

so much fun

beautiful fall all around us

American Ninja Warrior Kate





Kate climbing a tree


Underground Railroad Museum

Joel in a box replica 

Yoke of slavery

creation museum-dinosaur claw. She is crying because I took it from her

ark model

solar system dimensions

house that hid escaping slaves today

same house back then

slave shipped himself to freedom

cellar they hid in

Kate helping gather eggs

boys horseback riding

Kate daddyback riding


 Roy and his sons Cole and Kyle helped the boys ride horses

there are sheep here. 

Dinner at Roy and Sheila's house

bear Roy shot (I was impressed!)

With Roy and Sheila

Family pic!

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