Thursday, August 30, 2012

Building Day

 Taking a break from table-learning, Friday we had Building Day!  I just love it when boys can be little engineers! Luke and Joel *loved* Building Day with-a-passion and have voted in favor of a monthly reappearance. YAY

Joel's city with Foam Blocks
Working together with Marble Works
Joel with Wood Blocks
Luke with Duplo Blocks
Joel's spaceship with Zoob Pieces
Luke's very tall tower with Marble Works
Our materials:

These were set up in their own areas with the instruction that once you were finished building you would get a picture taken with your finished work and then you had to take it apart and put it back in the center of it's area so it was available to work with again.  Then you had to move on to a different area/materiel.
Worked excellently!
Working together with Duplo Blocks
Luke's reimagining of town with Foam Blocks
Joel's tower with Marble Works
Luke working
Joel working

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