Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas is...plays!

Christmas season again! One of those great traditions is: CHRISTMAS PLAYS! Pagents, performances, plays, whichever "p" word you use to describe them, I love them! ESPECIALLY those that feature my beloved progeny.

Luke was a shepherd in a Christmas play of a unique tone. It's focus was, of course, to glorify the Lord as it told "the Christmas story" but it's perspective leant more from the view of the shepherds who were the first recipients of the good news of Christ's birth. Wonderful experience!
Waiting on the show to start
Other loved ones (including myself) not pictured.
Luke the shepherd had THREE speaking parts, which he rocked. 
 AWESOME job Luke! We can really tell you studied hard, preparing and making yourself ready for your parts!
BOTH Grandma and Momaw at the Christmas Play

You know what? I think I'll repost my "Behold the Lamb" from my old blog on here...yeah, stay tuned.

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