Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thoughts on words.

A recent conversation I had with one of my favorite people surrounded the use of words as it relates to what we call the males in our lives. She is in college and for some time now we have noticed that in our conversation they bounced back and forth between "boy" and "guy" with the occasional "man" thrown in there for good measure. A lighthearted, "OOP! Now he's been downgraded to "boy" again", sparked a discussion on terms; this is not hard to do with us, both being writers at heart, if not in practice, we easily shift between multiple conversations at once while also being able to maintain a commentary on the actual conversations we are presently engaging in! (Oh yeah, we're good.)
 In the end we decided that these "guys" are men and we will choose to consider and call them so, a decision that encouraged this post on her blog. 

A truly great conversation is like a truly great read: they keep those inner wheels turning for some time after you leave them behind you, and as I walked away from our conversation I continued to ponder my word choices in other areas.
Words have meaning and in very specific ways those chosen words convey that meaning, subtly at times but still with significance. Do we register the words we choose? Do we choose our words with purpose?
I could go on but I am still "mulling" over this one. I hope you pause to consider yourself and let me know what you discover!

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