Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Math: Greator Than/Less Than Game

 First Grade Math! So much fun. Here is one of our reinforcement activities that come alongside what we learn in the school book.  Its a card game that very much resembles War.

Get the printable here. (By the way, all the credit goes to The Inspired Apple.)

Remove all non-numbered cards from your deck, shuffle and divide. Then flip over the top card.  Each player writes in their number and whoever has the desired higher or lower number (depends on which sheet you are filling out) circles their side.  Tally at the end of ten rounds to see who wins!
competition at it's finest!
writing in his scores
Get it?
It won't help you remember which way to face your symbols (< or >) but it reinforces the concept, helps practice and it is super fun!

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