Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Luke is a reader, big time! Of course I love that! He is constantly learning by reading.  This year in school I've also been encouraging his writing.  In his school book he is learning about Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure but one of the gaps I'm seeing in his writing is that conversion from singular to plural.  Found this online and quickly noted its simplicity and effectiveness. Tested it out and found out its kind of fun too... Winning combination! 

 Sometimes he just fiddles with them, and sometimes I have him sort them.  Sort them by content category or by ending (-y to -ies, etc).  I'm not really "teaching" this so much as allowing him to see it and take note,  he is already noticing patterns and that is so exciting!
This is one of those great areas of flexibility that I love about homeschooling! This level is considered a bit above a 6 year old, but we get to move along with each individual child to their level in each individual area.

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