Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pick up the Worms

Fine Motor Skills for PreKinder Joel (credit to )

The Birdie (a.k.a. the clothespin) needs to pick up the Worms (read Pipe Cleaners cut up and made to look all worm-y). Thats the game, simple and fun.

He's having fun, he's just concentrating.
see the tongue action there? Concentration.

Building those little muscles in his fingers and hand to be able to tackle bigger jobs later is so important!
not as easy as it looks
Right now we are watching Joel because he hasn't really chosen a dominant hand, do we have an ambidextrous kid on our hands? I'll let you know!
Good job Joel!

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Melinda said...

Ooh, the "worms" are even sparkly/shiny! :)